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  • General Questions

    1. How can I find out where Air Astana flies to and view your timetable?

    Please go to the Route Map and Timetable sections of this website.

    2. How can I make an inquiry about your flights, fares and/or make a reservation?

    You can make an Online Booking yourself via the booking service on this website or you can contact the Air Astana Call Centre or office in your country of residence. You can find telephone numbers and International/Kazakhstan office addresses in the Contact us section of this website.

    3. What are “Airport Taxes”?

    Some airports charge a “departure tax” that must be paid by every departing passenger. These taxes will usually be included in your total ticket price. However, certain airports will charge this tax directly to the passenger. Your local Air Astana call centre, ticket office, or travel agent will be able to advise you.  Please note that all bookings made online via this website will include the Airport Taxes in the quoted fare.

    4. How can I find the address and telephone number of the Air Astana office in the country where I reside?

    You can find telephone numbers and International/Kazakhstan office addresses in the Contact us section of this website.

    5. How can I check whether I require a visa for my journey?

    Some countries do require an entry or transit visa to be issued prior to your journey.  We recommend that you check with the Visa/Consular section of the Embassy of any country that you are transiting or visiting. Many countries supply visa information on their websites, and your Travel Agent can also normally advise you.  It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he/she is in possession of all necessary visas and entry/exit permits. Also you can find useful visa information in the Visa and Passport Information section of this website and information about Diplomatic Missions Abroad and Diplomatic Missions in Kazakhstan.

    6. My passport is expiring soon. Is it still possible for me to make an international journey?

    It is very important that you make sure that your passport remains valid for the whole duration of your travel itinerary.  Some countries require that your passport remains valid for a certain period of time (typically six months).  You should check these requirements with the embassy of the country to which you will be travelling.

    7. Do I need to purchase any travel insurance for my trip?

    This is a personal choice. While it is not essential to purchase travel insurance, our advice is to obtain insurance coverage for any trip abroad that you make.

    8. Should I be vaccinated against certain illnesses, or take any special medicine?

    Advance vaccination might be recommended or necessary in some cases, depending on your destination and/or routing.  We recommend that you consult your doctor or travel clinic and seek medical advice prior to travelling if in any doubt.

    9. How do I know which terminal my flight arrives/departs from?

    In the online booking process, at Step 2 – “Choose your flight”, simply click on the 3-letter city code and you will see the terminal information for that airport.

    10. How do I report a business trip?

    Air Astana recommends that you keep your boarding passes and payment documents (cash and credit card receipts). The provision of these documents is usually sufficient to report your business trip, showing the expense of your transportation costs, and to account for VAT. (For overseas trips it is also required to attach a copy of your passport page with border control stamps on it).

    11. How do I get an official confirmation of flights taken on Air Astana?

    Air Astana can provide an official flight confirmation letter. To receive one:

    • Send Air Astana a request stating the passenger’s name, ID/passport details, ticket number, routings, date of flights and the reason of your inquiry.
    • Document will be provided within 5 business days and free of charge.

    This procedure is available at all Air Astana ticketing and reservation offices.

    12. Which Air Astana department should I contact in case of flight delay?

    In case of flight delay you can contact Customer Relations team of Air Astana.