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  • Corporate Governance

    Air Astana views corporate governance as a means of increasing the effectiveness of the activities of the Company, strengthening its reputation and decreasing costs of raising capital by the Company. The system of corporate governance of the Company is improving and developing on a constant basis to ensure a higher degree of transparency in the Company’s governance and to confirm the Company’s unfailing preparedness to observe due corporate governance standards.

    Air Astana has identified the following key principles underpinning its corporate governance:

    • Protection of shareholders’ rights and interests;
    • Effective management of the Board of Directors;
    • Effective management of the Executive Body;
    • Principle of the Company's independent activities;
    • Transparency and objective disclosure of information about the Company’s activities;
    • Legality and ethics;
    • Effective dividend policy;
    • Effective personnel policies;
    • Environmental protection;
    • Corporate conflicts and conflict of interests settlement policies;
    • Responsibility.

    Corporate governance bodies of Air Astana JSC

    General Meeting of Shareholders is the highest body of the Company, which makes decisions on all key issues concerning the activities of the Company.

    The general management of Company as well as control of the activity of the Executive Body is carried out by the Board of Directors of the Company. There are four committees assisting the Board of Directors: the Audit Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee and the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. The committees are accountable for advising the Board of Directors on key issues that are subject to the Board’s consideration.

    Responsibility for managing the day-to-day activities of the Company and implementing the goals, strategy and policy of the Company is carried out by the sole Executive Body – the President of the Company.
    The Internal Audit Service is a corporate body of the Company which provides internal audit of the Company and constant monitoring of internal control system of the Company.
    GMS Structure (EN)