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  • Frankfurt – Urumqi from 910 Euro All Inclusive

    We are pleased to announce an increase in the frequency of flights from Astana to Urumqi. Astana to Urumqi flights increased from twice weekly to four times a week.

    Increased frequencies provide greater connectivity for passengers travelling between Turkey and Urumqi. Special fare for Frankfurt – Urumqi via Astana starts from 910 Euros all inclusive. Flights are served by Boeing 752/767 and Airbus A320.

    Flight #Days of ServiceDepartureArrivalAC typeDurationDestination
    Frankfurt – Astana – Urumqi
    KC 9221,3,5,718:5505:45+1B752/B767 FRA – TSE
    KC 2871,3,5,707:20+111:40+1A32009:45TSE – URC
                      Urumqi – Astana – Frankfurt 
    KC 2881,2,4,612:4013:20A320 URC – TSE
    KC 9211,2,4,616:1517:40B752/B76711:20/11:45TSE – FRA

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