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  • From Kazakhstan to Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir, Lefkosa, Adana from 99,500 KZT All Inclusive

    Air Astana and its partner Atlasjet offer flights to Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir and Lefkosa from Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Aktau and other cities of Kazakhstan via Istanbul.

    Atlasjet has 7 flights a day to Antalya, 2 flights a day to Bodrum, 6 flights a day to Izmir, 4 flights a day to Lefkosa from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Fly domestic Turkey via Istanbul Ataturk with very special Air Astana Atlasjet fares.

    Your benefits:

    1. Through check your bag for entire journey and pick it up at the final destination. 
    1. Minimum connecting time between your arrival and next departure. 
    1. Enjoy free service provided by the Atlasjet between the Airport and Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir City Centres.
    1. All flight routes with Air Astana and Atlasjet will be issued under one ticket. In case of delay and cancellations Air Astana takes responsibility as per conditions of whole ticket.

    All price inclusive of tax and surcharges.

    Route via Istanbul ReturnFare
    Almaty – Antalya119000 KZT
    Almaty – Bodrum119000 KZT
    Almaty – Izmir119000 KZT
    Almaty – Adana119000 KZT
    Almaty – Lefkosa126500 KZT
    Astana – Antalya118500 KZT
    Astana – Bodrum118500 KZT
    Astana – Izmir 118500 KZT
    Astana – Adana118500 KZT
    Astana – Lefkosa 155100 KZT
    Atyrau – Antalya127500 KZT
    Atyrau – Bodrum127500 KZT
    Atyrau – Izmir127500 KZT
    Atyrau – Adana139000 KZT
    Atyrau – Lefkosa 139000 KZT
    Aktau – Antalya99500 KZT
    Aktau – Bodrum 99500 KZT
    Aktau – Izmir99500 KZT
    Aktau – Adana110000 KZT
    Aktau – Lefkosa 121500 KZT

    To book your flight please click here, or call 24/7 Сall Сentre in Almaty  on +7 (727) 244 44 77, or Istanbul Ticket Offices at +9 0212 3434960, +9 02124655393.