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    Whether you are a part of a sporting or musical organisation going off on tour or an individual departing on an active break, we know the transportation of your specialist equipment is vital for the success of your trip. When you travel with Air Astana, rest assured that we will take the necessary steps to ensure the safe and timely arrival of your equipment. Air Astana can accommodate a whole range of specialist baggage to make your trip rewarding.

    Sports Equipment

    Skis and Snowboards

    When travelling with Skis there is no requirement to pre-book.

    We ask that they are properly packed and we will transport them as part of your checked baggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

    If the weight of ski equipment is more than the free allowance (20 kg in economy class and 30 kg in business class) we ask that you pay the excess baggage rate, which will depend on the route that you are flying.

    One package may consist of:

    • a pair of skis
    • a pair of ski poles
    • a pair of ski boots
    • snowboard

    This policy whereby pre-booking is not required and the weight of your equipment is counted within the free baggage allowance included in your ticket is the same for the following sports equipment: tennis, squash, badminton, fishing, water-skis, horse-riding equipment, inline skating, archery and for paddles and oars.

    If the snowboard size exceeds 140 cm and its mass is over 5 kg, the additional payment is charged. A preliminary request is required, and the additional payment is charged for the snowboard (internal flights – KZT 2000, international flights – KZT 5000/EUR 25.


    Surf Boards and Kite Boards

    Like ski equipment, boards of all types that are properly packed can be transported as checked baggage in the cargo hold. Boards, however, will be transported free of charge and not counted towards your baggage allowance provided that they are less than 140 cm long and less that 5 kg in weight.  If they are longer or heavier than this, passengers carrying boards will be charged a flat rate of 2,000 KZT for domestic routes and 5,000 KZT (or equivalent Euro 25) on international routes. One passenger can carry only one board. The maximum loadable length will vary by aircraft, so please make sure you pre-book via your agent or special.services@airastana.com.


    Please make sure that canoes are properly packed for transportation. A special sports tariff is 10 000 KZT (or 50 Euro) and 4000 KZT on international and domestic flights respectively.  In order to verify the dimensions of the canoe to ensure that they will fit safely within the aircraft type operating the flight you intend to take, please pre-book via your travel agents or special.services@airastana.com.  As is industry practice, if you are presenting canoes for carriage, we will ask you to sign a disclaimer of liability concerning damage to the equipment.


    Air Astana can carry bicycles that have been properly packed for transportation. This will include the removal of pedals and deflation of tyres. For bicycles of all sizes Air Astana applies a special sporting rate of 10,000 KZT (or equivalent Euro 50) for international routes and 4,000 KZT for domestic routes. There is a limit of one bicycle per passenger and you can pre-book by your agent or via special.services@airastana.com.

    Golf Equipment 

    In order to carry golf equipment you do not need to make any pre-booking. All you need to do is to properly pack it so it can be transported in the cargo compartment.  The normal charge for golf equipment is 2,000 KZT for domestic flights and 5,000 KZT (25 EUR) for international flights.

    Diving Equipment

    Diving equipment does not require pre-booking either. The normal charge for diving equipment is 2,000 KZT for domestic flights and 5,000 KZT (25 EUR) for international flights.  One set of diving equipment is considered to comprise:

    • a buoyancy control device
    • a regulator
    • a mask and snorkel
    • a pair of fins
    • a weight belt with weights

    Please make sure that diving bottles are empty and the valves are open for transportation.  A deactivated diving lamp with its bulb or battery removed can only be transported as hand baggage.  Please notify check-in staff if you are carrying a diving lamp in your hand baggage. For more information on transportation of diving equipment please contact special.services@airastana.com.

    Sports Weapons

    If you would like to carry sports or other types of weapons (including souvenir and model) on international flights, please contact Special Services desk (special.services@airastana.com) in advance to get detailed information. On domestic flights there is no need to make an advanced request for weapon carriage.

    Transportation of weapons for Thailand & Korea.
    When filing an enquiry to BKK, you should also request the license, copy of passport, permission from National Shooting Sport Association of Thailand.
    In case with Korea please send all the documents to email address: special.services@airastana.com.

    Musical Instruments and Fragile Items

    If you are planning to travel with your musical instrument, such as a cello or contrabass, you will be asked to purchase an extra seat for it.  Your agent or local Air Astana office can assist in purchasing a ticket for your instrument.  The maximum weight of the instrument that can be carried on board is 75 kg with maximum dimensions of 120 x 50 x 30 cm.

    Guitars, saxophones or similar sized musical instruments can be transported as checked baggage, carried in the cabin.

    In order to transport fragile items with a maximum weight of 75 kg and a maximum size of 120 x 50 x 30 cm please purchase an extra seat.

    For further information of the transportation of musical instruments within the cabin and to make your request, please contact special.services@airastana.com.

    Televisions and home technical/electrical equipment are not suitable for transportation in the cabin. Please contact Air Astana’s cargo sales department at cargo@airastana.com.