Confirmation Letter

In order to receive Confirmation letter, please enter the ticket number below.

*Confirmation letter can be generated after 3 days from the date of departure.

(10 digits followed after '465-' **)

* in accordance with paragraphs 1, 2 of Article 11 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 21 May 2013 on “Personal Data Protection”, I am familiar with and hereby agree to the terms and conditions of issuing an electronic confirmation letter for Air Astana flight that I have taken.

By concluding this agreement, the passenger agrees to the formation and issuance of a Confirmation Letter.

Passing the ticket to the third parties or providing them with information allowing determining ticket number, the passenger agrees to receive this reference by these persons. In this case, the carrier is not responsible for access of the data by the third parties.

** If more than 10 digits, do not add last digits 01, 02. Original letter is not provided.

In order to receive Confirmation letter for exchanged and/ or partially used tickets, please send an email to* specifying a passenger's full name, ticket number (if you do not know ticket number, please attach scanned copy of passport or ID), flight direction, flight date, reason for request and Air Astana ticketing office address, where you would like to receive your certificate.

Provision of data to third (trusted) persons for exchanged and / or partially used tickets: 

Kindly ask you to send a notarization, or a guarantee letter or letter from the passenger(s) (scanned copy with signature - all templates in free form), that he /she (they) do not have any claims for the provision of his /her (their) confidential information to a third party. Otherwise, the request will not be processed.

*The document will be provided within 5 working days and free of charge.


Please read our internal rules in providing Confirmation letters for the passengers, performing flights with JSC Air Astana:

  • Confirmation letter can be issued only in a currency that was used for purchasing a ticket;
  • Confirmation letter for confirming the fares, fares valid on specific dates or flight segments cannot be issued. You can find fare and flight direction information on our website;
  • In order to receive Confirmation letter about flight cancellation/delay, please send an email with your request to:;
  • if you need a Confirmation letter that the flight has been taken, in order to claim for a missing points of Nomad Club, please send an email to:;
  • no other Confirmation letters can be provided, and requests for other confirmation letters will not be considered.